Building patterns for your future collection is probably one of the most labor-intensive parts of the process of creating a collection of clothes. Endless edits, sewing samples, trying on and making changes to paper patterns - this can all take more than one week and generally cost a penny, because during the process, in addition to building patterns, you also need to constantly sew samples, which entails costs of fabric and payment for services of a seamstress. As a result, the process of creating patterns takes a very long time.

But the 21st century is in the yard, and technology does not stand still. Creation of electronic patterns of clothing with subsequent 3d fitting of the product allows you to significantly reduce the time and money spent on developing a collection. After all, making adjustments (changing the volume of the silhouette, desired increases, adding elements, adjusting the lengths, etc.) is carried out, in fact, within a few hours. The subsequent 3d fitting of an electronic pattern of clothing will immediately allow you to see the future product, and make the necessary corrections before sewing a sample of the product.

Thus, instead of several weeks for manual construction of a pattern, sewing samples, edits, etc., you can order the creation of electronic patterns and get a pattern ready for further work, being sure that the sewn model will fully meet your expectations. Moreover, electronic templates allow you to quickly and efficiently create the dimensions of the product you need after the final layout is completely satisfactory for you.

Summing up, I would like to note that the development of technology is what can give impetus to your business, because today is the most valuable asset.
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