Online ordering of clothing pattern

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the generally active development of freelancing in recent years, some clients are not sure about the advisability of remote development of clothing patterns. Well, let's try to deal with this issue.

So, how does remote design of clothing patterns benefit you?
- saving time. Communication with the designer takes place remotely (phone, skype, vibe, etc.), no one needs to go anywhere. In the process of developing patterns, various questions arise on both sides, and this is also resolved by calling
- cost savings. Yes, this is also related to remote work, tk. the pattern designer often needs only a computer and his own knowledge. He does not need to pay office rent, travel there (wasting time), most clothing designers (freelancers) work remotely from home. Thus, there are no unnecessary items in the cost of developing a clothing pattern, which leads to your financial savings.
- speed of order execution. In my work, I use automated tools for the development of patterns (CAD). A few years ago, manual design was the main way of constructing patterns; modern automation allows us to reduce the development time from several weeks to several days. Even faster, on the basis of an electronic template, make a gradation according to your size range
- quality control. After developing the pattern, I check and agree with you on the visualization of the model using 3d technologies. Thus, even before sewing a test sample of the product, you can evaluate the appearance of the product with an accuracy of 99%, and immediately make the necessary edits. Of course, rendering the model does not eliminate the need to reject a test sample, but it reduces the number of such rejections to usually once.

3d vs reality
Thus, modern technology, coupled with experience in the development of clothing patterns, help to give an additional impetus to your favorite business.

I wish you the best in developing your brand!

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