Rendering stage in Clo3D

After designing the patterns in CAD, I check their quality in Clo3d.
I control the balance of the product, the connection of lines, think over the convenience and the technological part of sewing. When the result suits me, I send the client a photo of the visualization from different angles. You evaluate the product and discuss your wishes for possible changes in silhouette and lengths.
pattern visualization

IMPORTANT. This stage helps to evaluate the model externally. Fit comfort (armhole height, neck width, sleeve / product length, processing methods, etc.) can be correctly evaluated on a real model of the model.

Making adjustments (changing the volume of the silhouette, desired increases, adding elements, adjusting the lengths, etc.) is carried out in fact within a few hours. The subsequent 3d fitting of an electronic pattern of clothing will immediately allow you to see the future product, and make the necessary corrections before sewing a sample of the product.

Thus, instead of several weeks for manual construction of patterns, sewing samples, edits, etc., you can order the creation of electronic patterns for clothing and get a pattern ready for further work, being sure that the sewn model will fully meet your expectations. Moreover, electronic patterns allow you to quickly and efficiently create the dimensions of the product you need after the final layout is completely satisfactory for you.
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