Development of specialized clothing patterns

When it comes to a specific form of clothing, whether it is a special uniform for waiters, a uniform for hotel or service station personnel, a sports uniform for performances or dance costumes, the first question is where to get it. If you want to differentiate yourself with tailor-made solutions, then a ready-to-wear store is unlikely to be able to help you. Overalls cannot be bought in a regular store - this is a model developed according to your requirements and wishes, which includes both visual features and practical "usefulness" in clothes. That is why it is customary to order templates for sewing workwear from professionals.
When you have decided on the future appearance of your employees' uniforms, the next stage begins: ordering the development of patterns for sewing. The design of workwear patterns requires the experience of the pattern designer. And this is the case when you came to the right place. In this question, I can suggest:
- experience in designing dance costumes, developing patterns for sportswear
- experience in designing school uniforms, wedding dresses
- in the development of clothing patterns, licensed software "CAD Grace" is used, which allows you to design clothing patterns with a guarantee
- to make sure of the quality of the garment pattern even before it is sewn off, the pattern is tried on in 3D. You will understand exactly what your order looks like "live"
- after specifying all the details according to the developed pattern, the patterns are graded for transferring them to production.

Below is an example of ordering one model of a tracksuit for 3 non-standard male figures. Thus, if you have a team of athletes of different physique / height / volume, it is realistic to develop a special form of clothing, taking into account the characteristics of the figure of each, having previously estimated the fitting in 3D.


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