The success of our cooperation with you depends on how detailed your expectations in the development of patterns will be described. And with this we will be helped by a detailed TA.

What is important to prescribe in the TA:

- description of the model, the desired silhouette, length (for example, skirt length - middle of the knee / close the knee, waistline 2 cm higher / lower), location of fasteners, darts, etc;

- the base size for which you will measure the sample (it is important !!! that the model is of the standard size), model parameters;

- size range for gradation (gradation if necessary);

- fabric, properties, weight of fabric, if you know the color from the Phantom color palette (these details will help me to correctly visualize the product in 3D);

- the desired seam allowances (for the correct design of the patterns and your convenience in sewing, it is important for me to understand the way of processing products, what technique will be used to grind seams);

- pattern format.
I offer a large format for printing on a plotter (for this, specify the width of the plotter for positioning patterns on one sheet; PDF, PLT formats) or on A4 (you need to glue the sheets together).

In the terms of reference, you can write down your wishes that are important to you and discuss the cooperation process in advance.
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