Patterns for sewing AFU military uniform


If now you are taking part in the defense of our country and sewing clothes for our Defenders, then I have prepared costume patterns (jacket and pants for the Armed Forces of Ukraine). Patterns were developed for enterprises, taking into account the current situation in the most simplified sewing technology. Dimensional grid and basic clothing measurements are developed on the basis of the technical specification of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. I offer patterns for free for tailoring for the needs of AFU/ territorial defense, etc. The format of patterns for download in PLT formats with a width of 145 cm for printing on a plotter and for printing on a regular printer in A4 is more accessible, but you will need to glue the parts according to the marks. If another format is available to you now - write to me, I have the opportunity to prepare other formats.

3d fitting for Armed forces of Ukraine uniform patterns

uniform specification

Real examples of uniform built using my patterns:

APU winter uniformAPU winter uniform, front viewAPU winter uniform, side viewAPU winter uniform, one more side viewAPU winter uniform in full growthAPU winter uniform, rear view

To download patterns use links below:

- format for plotters (145cm)

- format А4



The summer uniform of the armed forces of Ukraine was also developed on the basis of documentation published on the website of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Sizes 44-66.


3d summer uniform3d fitting of summer uniform

technical drawing of jackettechnical drawing of pants

Patterns can be downloaded from the links below:

- plotter format (145cm)

- A4 format



Patterns of a knitted suit for the Armed Forces of Ukraine have also been developed.

knitted suit for AFU (3d fitting)

APU knitted suitlayout, part 2

The suit patterns are designed according to the size grid of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine from S to 2XL.
If now you are sewing clothes for our defenders, I provide sets of patterns for free.
Available in PLT for 145cm plotter and A4 for regular printer.

- format for plotter

- format А4



At your request, I`ve developed patterns for T-shirts for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Warm weather is coming, and it should be convenient for our Defenders to protect us in spring and summer.
Dimensional grid according to the table of measures of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine from S-2XL.
A set of patterns for sewing off our Defenders is available free of charge at the links below.
Available in PLT for 145 cm wide plotter and A4 for regular printer.


3d fitting if t-shirt


Download patterns for printer (format A4)

Download patterns for plotter (145см)


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