E-pattern development price

The cost of pattern development is indicated in Ukrainian hryvnias (UAH)

The indicated cost is indicative, the final cost depends on the total complexity of the product (number of parts, standard / non-standard sizes, etc.) and will be announced after determining all the nuances of the order

Prices in the price list are for the base model, without complicating details

Product name Development of the basic design Gradation  cost per size, % Lining construction, %
Shoulder products
Blouse, shirt 1200 15  
Sleeve dress 1500 15 15
Sleeveless dress 1200 15 15
Pants, skirt
Classic trousers 1200 15 15
Overalls 1500 15  
Shorts 1050 15  
Skirt 1050 15 15
Lined jacket 1950 20 20
Coat, short coat 1950 20 20
Jacket, windbreaker, bomber jacket 1500 20 20
Cloak, trench coat 1950 20 20
T-shirt, shirt, top 750 15  
Longsleeve, turtleneck 900 15  
sweatshirt, sweatshirt, hoodie 1200 15  
sports trousers, leggings 1050 15  
Dress, tunic 1050 15  
Terms of development of 1 set of patterns from 3 to 6 working days (depending on the load of the designer and the complexity of the model)
Rendering in Clo3D (1 rendering option in 3 poses) included in the cost of model development
Making edits after fitting
Specification and layout of patterns of the basic size
Additional visualization in Clo3D (selection of color palette, prints, etc.) 50% of the cost of the base size
Drawing your logo on patterns / any pattern (PNG, JPG format) 20% of the cost of the base size
Converting a set of patterns to DXF format 250 UAH
Making changes to finished templates 50% of the cost of the base size
Introduction of additional elements in the process of developing patterns 10% of the cost of the base size
Professional layout of patterns for production 10% of the cost of the base size (for each size)
3D visualization for your content (photo rendering and video) 1500 UAH


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