Buy army uniform e-patterns

A military uniform is something that should meet the highest quality standards, be as convenient and comfortable as possible. The patterns of military clothing presented on this page are mainly designed according to the standards of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (where these standards are available in the public space). You can download all the necessary technical documentation for each type of pattern to familiarize yourself with the product beforehand.

Among other things, it is possible to buy winter uniform patterns, summer suit patterns, combat shirt and T-shirt patterns, army thermal clothing patterns, and winter military suit patterns

In the development of military uniform patterns, 3D technologies were also used, so that it was possible to visually assess the quality of the product. Combined with feedback from those who have bought and already sewn military uniforms, I can confidently say that the military uniform patterns presented below meet the necessary standards for sewing clothes for our military.

Here you can purchase the most popular patterns of military uniforms at a price much lower than individual development.

10% of the cost of the pattern set will be directed to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.