Gradation of patterns (pattern reproduction)

Gradation of patterns is one of the most difficult and time-consuming design tasks.

The most common method of reproduction is the gradation of patterns, when patterns of other sizes are obtained from parts of the base size by increasing / decreasing using increments at design points. The disadvantage of this method is that in the patterns obtained with the help of interdimensional increments, errors appear, the conjugation and balance characteristics are violated, and the quality deteriorates. And the technician has to spend time fixing.

In CAD Grace, the method of reproducing patterns is performed by rebuilding according to dimensional characteristics. The system solves this problem automatically, quickly and accurately.
The program builds a structure and a set of parts for each size by performing the recorded construction process with the corresponding values ​​of dimensional characteristics.

The key to high-quality gradation in CAD - the construction algorithm is correctly laid down by the designer. Then the gradation is performed evenly, observing the proportions of the figure.

With the help of 3D, I checked the visualization of the gradation of sizes from XS to XL.
As a result, I see a logical, smooth distribution of gradation at different sizes.

Due to this, you can see the fit of the product in different sizes / heights. Decide on the final size range of models. You can try on the same model for different heights and finally decide on the length of the product.

This service can be included in the development of your collection of patterns, which will help you determine the size range of your future collection.

example of a sportswear pattern


During the Russian aggression, I actively created patterns for our defenders: winter uniforms of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, summer special suit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, men's thermal underwear and much more. You can instantly purchase all these patterns in my electronic pattern store at prices much lower than individual design.

All funds received from the sale of patterns go to the development of activities, donations to the army and allow me to devote a little more time to the development of new army patterns.

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