Development of clothing patterns

The development of clothing patterns is a key stage in the creation of a batch of clothing. The result of sewing will depend on the quality of the patterns, starting from the fit and growth, and ending with the correspondence of the expected appearance to reality. The use of clothing patterns created by a professional designer in a specialized CAD system can significantly speed up the process of creating a clothing collection.

Finished product development

The finished product simplifies some aspects when developing a pattern - you can evaluate technologies, fabric properties, and individual details. The customer sends the designer a sample of the product, on the basis of which it will be necessary to develop a pattern. The designer can visually evaluate the technologies used, model the pattern in 3D for a visual comparison of the original sample and the constructed pattern. In general, this is a fairly convenient way to develop, although not optimal from a designer's point of view.

Development of patterns from photography

Development from a photograph differs from development from a finished product in that it is not possible to evaluate in detail certain nodes, fabric properties and individual elements / sewing methods. At the same time, this is one of the most popular ways to place an order, especially by novice designers. Please note that for quality development, you will also need to provide additional information on the product so that the final result meets your expectations.

Development of patterns from sketch (drawing)

In general, the development of the sketch is similar to the development of photography, but it requires the customer to have a deeper understanding of the model, which can significantly simplify and speed up the development.

Development according to the terms of reference

The best option for the designer is the terms of reference. It fully describes the product, there are technical (not artistic) drawings, there is a complete understanding of both individual elements and the whole product.


In my work I use licensed CAD software Grazia.

CAD should comprehensively automate and support the solution of the following tasks.

a) Design training

ensure the quality of products in all sizes, heights and heights,
ensure quick change of models,
build on individual figures when fulfilling individual and corporate orders,
to respond to changes in fashion - to rearrange the patterns after changing the increments, shrinkage coefficients and design solutions.
b) Maintain mass production - these tasks are solved by the Layout subsystem.

c) The tasks of accounting, planning and management.

I suggest:
  • development of a pattern for your order for a basic size
  • making patterns for children, sport and dance suits, casual clothes etc
  • 3d visualization of the product before sewing the test sample
  • gradation (reproduction) of patterns according to standard (or provided by you) sizes and heights
  • layout of patterns taking into account all the nuances for the most convenient printing both on a regular printer and on a large-format plotter
  • I also provide templates in electronic form, in a format convenient for you: PDF, PLT, DXF

The cost of work is calculated individually, based on the complexity, volume, frequency and other factors. Estimated price for product development depends on the type of product, the need for gradation, etc. A more detailed price list can be found here


During the Russian aggression, I actively created patterns for our defenders: winter uniforms of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, summer special suit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, men's thermal underwear and much more. You can instantly purchase all these patterns in my electronic pattern store at prices much lower than individual design.

All funds received from the sale of patterns go to the development of activities, donations to the army and allow me to devote a little more time to the development of new army patterns.

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