Virtual fitting of clothing patterns

In the 21st century, after every change in the pattern of clothing, sewing a fitting sample is already archaism. Computer technologies are added to the case, allowing to carry out a virtual fitting of a pattern in a digital format in a matter of minutes.

In the process of developing a piece, I constantly check the future result in CLO3D: fit, line conjugation, general appearance of the product. After such a fitting, you can immediately see: here you need to add the length, here you need to increase the armhole, but here you don't need to add anything and you can immediately send the template to the customer, along with the result of the virtual fitting.

virtual fitting

This is the advantage of virtual fitting - speed, quality, time saving (printing and sewing), and hence money.

As my experience shows, after virtual fitting 90% of the patterns go straight to gradation.


During the Russian aggression, I actively created patterns for our defenders: winter uniforms of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, summer special suit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, men's thermal underwear and much more. You can instantly purchase all these patterns in my electronic pattern store at prices much lower than individual design.

All funds received from the sale of patterns go to the development of activities, donations to the army and allow me to devote a little more time to the development of new army patterns.

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