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Yulia Rozhankovskaya
Garment designer with five years of experience in the garment industry, pattern design, pattern 3D visualization and tailoring.
If you are a designer dreaming of creating your own clothing collection, who needs to design clothing patterns, I will help you:
- I will make patterns of the model according to a sketch, photograph or a sample of the product. You say what you need - I, using my experience and knowledge, create a template for the future model. All patterns will be in electronic form, prepared for printing both for a conventional printer and for a plotter.
- gradation of patterns according to your sizes. The gradation of patterns can be carried out both according to standard parameters (GOST), and according to the individual characteristics of your clients.
- I will advise on the nuances of sewing, I will help to understand the difficult moments of constructing a pattern or sewing it. I will give advice at the sewing stage, starting with the choice of fabric and ending with an explanation of the complex details of sewing.
- if necessary, I will make sewing instructions. This can significantly reduce the time for sewing products.
- I will conduct the first viewing of your product using modern visualization technologies in 3D, which will allow you to immediately see and evaluate the future product, make the necessary adjustments and thus save time and money.
If you already have an established production and you need a pattern design specialist:
- I have experience in creating patterns for various kinds of activity (sports, dance costumes, children's clothing)
- I work with different gradation parameters of patterns, ranging from standard according to GOST, ending with individual ones, typical for different areas of application of the required patterns of clothing
- I have the ability to preview ordered patterns in 3D, which reduces the design stage by minimizing the time for sewing several trial samples (the main nuances of the future clothing model can be corrected immediately at the stage of 3D fitting)
- the designed patterns in electronic format can be quickly multiplied to all required sizes, printed both on a regular printer and on a full-format plotter, based on your needs and capabilities. PLT, PDF, DXF formats

What do you get when you order patterns from me:
  • quality assurance. Within 30 days after sending the patterns, I advise, I make the necessary edits for free (does not apply to changing the model, adding new elements, only adjusting the necessary parameters, for example, the depth of the armhole or the length of the product part)
  • confidence that the sewn product will look exactly as you intended, due to 3D fitting of the manufactured piece before sewing the sample
  • convenience of working with future patterns due to the print format (printer, plotter)
  • flexible pricing system, depending on the volume and stability of orders
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Development of patterns

Building patterns for your design

Ready patterns

Purchase ready-made patterns with gradation on the website

3D visualization

Allows you to see your future product before sewing a sample

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Cooperation stages

 You send a photo / those drawing / sketch of the desired product.
 We discuss model details:
 - a description of the model`s details, the desired silhouette, length, location of fasteners, darts, etc.
 - whether there is a dimensional grid (if not, I build according to GOST);
 - the base size, on whom you will perform the fitting of the sample (it is important !!! that the model is standard size), model parameters "Ог", "От", "Об";
 - in what size the gradation will be;
 - fabric, properties, weight of fabric, if you know the color from the Phantom color palette (these details are for me help to correctly visualize the product in 3D);
- the desired seam allowances (for the correct design of the patterns and your convenience in sewing, I it is important to understand the method of processing products, what technique will be used for grinding seams);
- the desired pattern format. I suggest a large format for printing on a plotter (for this, please check the width of the plotter for positioning patterns on one sheet; formats PDF, PLT) or A4 (you need glue the sheets together);
- your email address - where to send patterns.

 Calculate the cost of the order . You pay 50% of the cost in a convenient way (directly on my bank card or using international transfer).
 At this stage, I develop the base size of the patterns, perhaps there will be clarifying questions about models.
 I check the fit of the patterns in Clo3D. I control the balance of the product, line conjugation, think over convenience and technological part of tailoring. When the result suits me, I send it to the client photo visualization in different angles. You evaluate the product and discuss your wishes for possible changes in silhouette, lengths.
 IMPORTANT. This stage helps to evaluate the appearance of the model. Fit comfort (armhole height, width necks, sleeve / product length, processing methods, etc.) are correctly estimated on a real sample model.
 I make changes and send you Basic patterns for sewing a sample.
 You are sewing a sample.
  Fitting. The model must match the dimensional characteristics that we agreed in the beginning! Otherwise, all gradation will be built on the non-standard shape of your model.
 After fitting, we make changes, if any. And I prepare the gradation for the required size range. If desired, all gradation can be controlled in 3D.
 You pay the rest of the order.
 Prepare technical documentation, if necessary.
 I am sending you templates in the formats you want.
  Your feedback is very important to me. I would be grateful to see photos of finished products and your reviews.
 You can get acquainted with the price list  here 
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