Making children's clothing patterns

Features of the development of patterns for children's clothing

The development of patterns for children's clothing is significantly different from the design of patterns for adults. For patterns of children's clothing, first of all, comfort and ease of use are important, but no less important is the emphasized individuality and style of the child.

The growth of a child, unlike an adult, changes very quickly. Along with growth, volumes and proportions also change, so patterns of children's clothing should take these changes into account and be comfortable for the child for the longest possible time. It is advisable not to use synthetic fabrics, in general, clothing should be as light as possible and appropriate for the season: warm in winter and comfortable in summer. A significant difference between children's patterns and adults are the anatomical features of the figures. The proportions of the baby's body are significantly different from those of an adult, and even a teenager will not fit a "reduced" copy of adult clothes. For its part, visualization in 3D of the base size and checking the gradation of different sizes and heights helps with these tasks, since the overall increase in volume and silhouette will not always look harmonious in different heights.

A separate category in the development of patterns is the patterns of dance costumes, tracksuits, school uniforms, etc. These products have special requirements that must be taken into account during development.

The landmark of modern children in clothes is the development of their own taste and interests, the combination of comfort with an emphasized individuality and style of the child. It is extremely important for a clothing designer to understand the target audience of the brand, because then there is an understanding for whom you are designing and what is the end point.

The development of patterns for children's clothing by a designer begins with a task statement: a technical task, a photograph, a technical drawing or a sketch of a future product, a description of the basic requirements, materials, sizes - all this is extremely important for the development and high-quality execution of an order.

Stages of developing patterns for children's clothing

Development of patterns in CAD Grazia

It usually takes 1-3 days, depending on the complexity of the product being developed, the number of elements and parts. Includes the development of a pattern for the base size, visualization in 3D to agree on the need for changes

Fitting in 3D before the first sample is finished

The cost of 3D fitting is included in the cost of pattern development, and allows you to visualize the future product for possible adjustments (for example, change lengths, add new elements, etc.). This step saves a lot of time, which would otherwise be spent on repeated testing of the test sample.

Pattern gradation

After the final approval of the model, gradation is carried out according to a given dimensional grid, also with visualization in 3D (which is especially important when grading children's clothing patterns)


Development of patterns for children's clothing for the ANDRE TAN brand

I have experience in designing patterns for children's clothing: casual wear, dance costumes, sports uniforms. I have worked and am working with various manufacturers of both regional and all-Ukrainian scale.

Below you can see the different stages of designing a children's clothing collection for the ANDRE TAN brand, starting from the actual development of patterns and fittings in 3D, and ending with photographs of children's models in already sewn products at the show.


The process of building patterns for children's clothing is a complex and painstaking process, but having experience, as well as professional tools, allows you to offer your services with confidence.


During the Russian aggression, I actively created patterns for our defenders: winter uniforms of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, summer special suit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, men's thermal underwear and much more. You can instantly purchase all these patterns in my electronic pattern store at prices much lower than individual design.

All funds received from the sale of patterns go to the development of activities, donations to the army and allow me to devote a little more time to the development of new army patterns.

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