Pattern layout

Pattern nesting is a fairly important stage, usually at the end of the pattern development process. Its purpose is to distribute the patterns on the material as conveniently and efficiently as possible, in order to prevent excessive consumption of fabric and to make the cutting process as convenient as possible.

In the modern world, layouts that used to be done manually and took a lot of time are now done using computer technology. After the final approval of the clothing pattern by the customer, the electronic pattern using CAD. The process of laying out patterns can be carried out automatically and semi-automatically, depending on the settings made. The main task of the designer is only to describe the requirements for the future layout, and wait for the execution.

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Miniature A4 (layout plan)

Miniature A4

Layout of parts to the width of the fabric

Layout to the width of the fabric

During the Russian aggression, I actively created patterns for our defenders: winter uniforms of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, summer special suit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, men's thermal underwear and much more. You can instantly purchase all these patterns in my electronic pattern store at prices much lower than individual design.

All funds received from the sale of patterns go to the development of activities, donations to the army and allow me to devote a little more time to the development of new army patterns.

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