Clothes e-patterns catalogue

Catalog of ready-made clothing patterns for studios and factories

Recently, there have been many inquiries regarding the purchase of ready-made patterns. If you make clothes mainly of basic models, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the catalog of models.

The advantage of buying ready-made patterns:

- instant download, no need to wait for development

- the price is much lower than ordering an individual design (the individuality of the product can be achieved due to the texture of fabrics, prints, own modeling, adding additional elements, etc.)

- the quality of patterns as when ordering individual development


- there is no possibility to make individual adjustments

Who is it designed for?

- for studios and factories. That is, the set of patterns was created taking into account practical experience with production.

- there will be no instructions, master classes on tailoring in the pattern sets, as the patterns are designed for people with experience in tailoring and/or an existing position as a technologist in production

What will be included?

- patterns in the format you need, in sizes according to the table of measurements

- specification (calculation of details)

- layout of the basic size

- measurement report

- from the angle of fitting in 3D

How soon will you receive the pattern set?

- after payment, you will immediately receive an archive with patterns in A4 format and for plotters with a width of 60 cm and 145 cm. The data format is PDF

- if it is necessary to change the format of the patterns (for example, for a different width of the plotter) - within 2 working days

The following groups of electronic templates are currently available for purchase: