Summer special suit jacket for AFU

Summer special jacket


Patterns summer special suit jacket (SSSJ), sizes 44-64


Patterns for a special summer suit jacket for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (SSSJ). According to the military, this suit is more comfortable due to elastic bands on the waistband of the pants, added drawstrings that hold the leg well and the presence of ventilation holes in the crotch seams and side seams under the armhole of the jacket.

Patterns are developed on the basis of technical documentation of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for SSSJ.

The kit includes:

- size range of patterns 44-66 in PLT formats (plotter width 145cm) and A4 format

- specification and visualization in 3D

- dimensional chart

- technical documentation

The cost of the pattern set is provided with gradation and does not include adjustments.

You can also separately order the following options
- Making adjustments after sewing a sample or based on visualization before sewing - 50% of the pattern set's cost (changes in the garment's silhouette, length, pocket placement, etc.);
- Changing the pattern format - 20% of the cost;
- Custom pattern grading - 50% of the cost;
Please contact me using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

After payment, you will receive a link to download an archive with the mentioned data. All the patterns you purchase will also be accessible in your account. If you only need one size for your garment and buying the entire size range with the layout doesn't make sense for you, you can transfer 300 UAH. through this link and then contact me with your specific requirements (the product, size, A4 or plotter format with its width specified). Within one working day, I will send you the archive with the necessary patterns.
Price : 600 UAH


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