Straight-Cut Pants with Side Pockets

Women's Pants Pattern


Women's Pants Pattern

  • Sizes: Bust circumference from 76 to 122 cm, height from 166 to 176 cm (a total of 12 sizes).
  • Description: These pants feature a straight cut with two functional side pockets. Design features include a 5 cm separate waistband with an inserted elastic band. The bottom hem of the pants is folded up 3 cm. Recommended fabric: knit.
  • Additional Information: Detailed linear measurements and model assembly information are provided in the documentation for production launch and specifications.


  1. Patterns in A4 format for printing on a home printer, covering sizes with a bust circumference from 76 to 122 cm and height from 166 to 176 cm.
  2. Patterns in PDF format for a plotter 120 cm wide, without layout, for the specified sizes.
  3. Patterns in PLT format for a plotter 145 cm wide with layout, also for the mentioned sizes.
  4. Linear measurements for production launch.
  5. Specifications with 3D visualization of the product.

In the documentation, you can familiarize yourself with the linear measurements of the product and the necessary supplementary materials. The specification includes a miniature image of the patterns, which will help plan the production.

The cost of the pattern set is indicated with gradation.

We have also added the possibility to make 1 adjustment for free (for example, if you have a different fabric/plotter width, or if you like the look of the product but need to change its length/width/decoration)

After payment, you will receive a link to download the archive with the data mentioned above. Also, all the patterns you have purchased will be available in your account. If you only need one size of the product, and buying the entire size range with layout does not make sense for you, you can transfer 300 UAH via this link and write to me in the way that's most convenient for you, specifying what exactly you need (the product, size, A4 format or plotter with its width specified). Within one business day, I will send you an archive with the required patterns.
Price : 1100 UAH


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