Winter AFU`s costume

Winter army costume


Patterns for a wind and moisture protective suit, sizes 42-68


I bring to your attention patterns of a winter suit (with insulation), built on the basis of the technical documentation of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Winter suit includes:

- windproof pants (SHVVZ) with insulation (UShVVZ), sizes 42-68

- windproof winter jacket (KVVZZ) with insulation (UVVZZ), sizes 42-68

Each one includes:
- size range of insulation patterns from 42-68
- 145 cm wide layout in PLT format
- specification and measurement table

After payment, you will receive a link to download an archive with the data listed above. Also all your orders are available in your personal cabinet . If you only need one size of the product and it doesn't make sense for you to buy the entire size range with layout, you can transfer 15 USD using the link and write to me by a convenient method specifying what you need (product, size, A4 format or plotter with its width). Within one working day, I will send you an archive with the necessary patterns.
Price : 1600 UAH


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